How to Improve Packaging Sustainability in Dubai?

Sustainable packaging refers to the sustainability of the brand and its impact on the environment. This helps to reduce our carbon footprint. With more and more consumers demanding environmental-friendly products, companies are embracing green marketing strategies like sustainable packaging. 

In the past, sustainability only followed a few principles, like recyclable, reusable, renewable, reductive, and removable. Later this list was shortened to include only the 3 Rs; these are reduced, reuse, and recycle. A new concept was also added to the 3 Rs, rethink. This was aimed at encouraging brands to embrace sustainability. 

Today many companies in the UAE and all over the world have embraced sustainable packaging because it is beneficial to the business and environment. Sustainability is now described as a brand’s sustainability and its impacts on the environment. 

Sustainable Packaging Coalition 

The Sustainable Packaging Coalition is a membership-based party that focuses and believes that industries can make packaging more sustainable. They advocate for sustainable packaging and are dedicated to creating packaging that is not only beneficial for people but also the environment. 

Their mission is to bring together sustainability stakeholders to discuss practical improvements to packaging systems. The Sustainable Packaging Coalition long-term goals include a world where packaging is sourced responsibly, optimized for efficiency, non-toxic, effectively recovered and low impact. 

According to the Sustainable Packaging Coalitionsustainable packaging refers to several things. It is beneficial, safe, and healthy for individuals and society throughout its lifecycle, adheres to the marketing criteria of cost and performance, and is manufactured using the best practices and clean technologies. Sustainable packaging also includes designs that optimize energy and materials. 


Tips for Improving Sustainable Packaging 

Sustainable packaging can be achieved easily by following simple tips. Below are ways you can improve sustainable packaging; 

Embracing Corrugated Products 

Switching to corrugated paper products is an excellent way to promote sustainable packaging in Dubai. Corrugated materials are cardboards, and they are the most utilized products in the world. Most products are packed in corrugated materials not only because of the many benefits but also because of customer preferences. 

Corrugated products are renewable; this is one of the principles of sustainability. These materials are environmental-friendly because they are manufactured with renewable anrecyclable resources. Corrugated boxes can also be reused to pack other items; this reduces the cost and energy used to make new packaging. 

These packaging materials are lightweight. This makes it convenient for packing, loading, offloading, and shopping. Corrugated packaging also protects products for a long time. These packages are strong and can withstand the elements of nature. 

Using Recycled Content Plastics 

One of the ways of determining sustainable packaging is to focus on recycling. Recycled PET (RPET) is a type of plastic created from recycled water bottles; this reduces the need to manufacture more water bottles. Plastic is harmful to the environment, which means this is a better way of reducing waste. 

Recycled PET is an excellent idea when it comes to improving packaging sustainability. Using PET bottles is eco-friendly because both the cap and bottle are recyclable. Did you know that PET is 100% recyclable? This makes it one of the best sustainable packaging materials to use. 

Unlike virgin PET, recycled PET has a lower carbon footprint. It is also lightweight in comparison to other packaging materials like glass. This reduces transport costs and carbon monoxide emissions. Also, recycled PET bottles do not break or shatter; this is safe and hygienic for transportation, retailing, and consumption. It is also safe to be used in beverage and food packaging. 

Using Biodegradable Materials 

Sustainable Packaging in Dubai can be achieved by using biodegradable materials for packaging.  Biodegradable materials are eco-friendly because in the right conditions, and the presence of bacteria, fungi, or microorganisms, it will break down and be absorbed by nature. 

Biodegradable materials come from different sources, for instance, corn starch. Materials made from corn starch are ideal for food packaging. Packages made from corn starch have no negative impacts on the environment. 

Using paper packaging is also an ideal way of improving sustainability. Both cardboard and paper are biodegradable, recyclable, and reusable. Also, paperboards are light but strong. They are ideal when packing products like cosmetics, frozen foods, and even medicine. Biodegradable plastics also decompose when exposed to the sun. 


Proper packaging is one of the ways to achieve sustainability. The minimalistic design contains less clutter, typography and has soft color. The minimalistic design does not mean that there is no design; it portrays the message in a clear manner. 

Minimalism leads to reduced use of packaging material. It is not only aesthetically attractive, but it also takes less space. It also helps to reduce shipping cost, which produces less carbon emissions. Minimalist packaging is lightweight, which means that even if the product is shipped to far places, the cost is lower because of the weight. It also reduces effects on the environment because the packaging is made of fewer materials, which make it easier to recycle. 

Invest in an Industrial Shredder 

Investing in an industrial shredder is beneficial for the company and the environment. It can shred most materials made of fiber, like cardboard and paper. You can make a lot of shredder materials and use them as cushion for your packaging boxes. This is both an eco-friendly and economical packaging and the shipping method. 

Stretch Wrapper 

A stretch wrapper film is ideal for packaging and transportation. Instead of using bulky packaging materials, you can utilize stretch film to secure your products together. Stretch wrapping is useful to the environment because it is a safe way of packaging and shipping products. When damages occur during shipping, the products are buried; this is the cheapest way to get rid of spoilt shipment. This is wastage in terms of shipping, disposal, transportation, the cost of manufacturing the goods, and sourcing of raw materials. 


Sustainable packaging is becoming popular, and it will continue to rise as many people embrace eco-friendly products. More companies are using sustainability throughout their production, from sourcing for raw materials to marketing. Companies can utilize simple strategies to improve packaging sustainability and attract more customers. 


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