About Us

Who is Sineo Packaging?

Wanting to make our impact on the world, we launched Sineo Packaging to provide the most sustainable, affordable, and high-quality disposable packaging on the market.

Being environmentally friendly is super important to us, so we're always sourcing the best biodegradable and compostable materials out there.

We understand that you want to make your mark on the business, that's why we can customize and brand almost all of our products. We help you to choose the best size, material, printing and finish for your business needs.

By ensuring high-quality, eco-friendly packaging, fast and timely delivery, and providing great customer support throughout, we believe that Sineo Packaging is the sustainable future for perfect packaging!

Our happy customers


Sustainability being at the core of our business, we offer a range of more than two hundred Compostable, Biodegradable and Recyclable products manufactured using the most sustainable materials available.As we value the importance of transparency when it comes to environmental responsibility, we trace the carbon footprint and overall carbon emission of all our products.


We process and fulfill all orders within 48 hours. With a centrally located warehouse in Dubai, we offer second-day delivery anywhere within the UAE and 3 to 5 days delivery within the region.


Our experienced staff is available round the clock to ensure smooth transactions and delivery of your products.


Sustainability is at the forefront of what we do everyday. Reducing carbon emissions and waste is what drives us to invest in product innovation and use renewable resources to produce the packaging we offer.


Our commitment of transparency to our customers and engagement for our planet push us to take great importance towards certifications.

All our products are certified recyclable, compostable.

Our Food & Beverage items come with the highest standard foodgrade compliant certificates, recognized regionally and internationally.

We also provide certifications on-demand for customers requiring more specifics standards or for import related requirements.