About Us


Sineo Packaging is owned and managed by SINEO PACKAGING TRADING LLC. Sineo Packaging was started with the goal to provide the most sustainable, affordable and highest quality disposable packaging in the region. We work hand in hand with our customers and understand their needs for fast delivery, excellent support and packaging that does "justice to their brand". With a regional warehouse in Dubai and a strong logistics partner, we are able to fulfill and ship any order within 24 hours. Our commitment to the planet is at the forefront of our mission and we always strive to create and produce the eco-friendliest packaging possible.

Fast Delivery

We process and fulfill all orders within 48 hours. With a centrally located warehouse in Dubai, we offer second-day delivery anywhere within the UAE and 3 to 5 days delivery within the region.

Customer Support

Our experienced staff is available round the clock to ensure smooth transactions and delivery of your products.


Sustainability is at the forefront of what we do everyday. Reducing carbon emissions and waste is what drives us to invest in product innovation and use renewable resources to produce the packaging we offer.